Type IIR Medical Use Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask

Type IIR Medical Use Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask


With a high quality 3 ply micro fibre filter these medical use masks are fluid resistant and have a splash resistance of up to 16.0kPa. Designed to catch bacteria and germs from the wearer and to reduce the transfer of germs and bacteria from the wearer. Certified Type IIR masks suitable for medical use.

The filter consists of 3 micro fibre layers:

  1. A polypropylene spun-bound, non-woven micro fibre outer layer.
  2. A polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric.
  3. A micro fibre inner layer made of polypropylene hot-rolled non-woven fabric.

These lightweight disposable surgical face masks have an ultra-low resistance rating of less than 80Pa, making them breathable and easy to wear. They also have comfortable fabric ear loops and a pleated front. They also feature an adjustable nose bridge which allows for an improved fit. Designed for single use only. Masks meetrequired standards for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) at 98%, microbial cleanliness, differential pressure and splash resistance pressure.

Product Features

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    3 Ply Filter

    3 ply filter which acts as a barrier for airborne particles. With low resistance rating of less than 80Pa.

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    PFE 98% filtration captures airborne particles, with skin friendly micro fibre inner layer.

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    Fabric Ear Loops

    Soft elasticated fabric ear loops ensure mask stays secure yet comfortable.

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    The adjustable nose bridge allows the fit to be adjusted & tailored to wearer.

Technical Specifications

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    Micro Fibre

    Skin friendly micro fibre inner makes mask more gentle on skin.

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    Single Use

    Mask should be removed and disposed of after each wear. Multiple uses not advised.

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    Designed for single wearer and single use for more hygienic and safer usage.