Replacement Micro Particle Protective Filters

Replacement Micro Particle Protective Filters


A high quality particle protection filter, with a 5 layer filter. Ideal for use as a replacement filter for reusable masks. Suitable for protection against airborne particles, can help prevent allergies and protect from flu and viruses.

The removable filter consists of 5 layers:

  • A polypropylene spun-bound, non-woven micro fibre outer layer.
  • A needle punched cotton layer.
  • An activated carbon layer.
  • A polypropylene melt-blown woven fabric.
  • A micro fibre inner layer made from polypropylene hot-rolled non-woven fabric.

The filter is compatible with our corporate protective masks and is comfortable, breathable and lightweight.

* Please note due to hygienic standards and the personal nature of our products they cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Product Features

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    Offers filtration of airborne particles including pollen.

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    5 Layer Filter

    With a 5 layer micro fabric filter; including an activated charcoal layer.

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    Low Resistance

    Features a resistance rating, which allows for more comfortable breathing.

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    Replacement Filter

    For use with reusable fabric masks, more hygienic and sustainable.

Technical Specifications

A closer look at the filter

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    Skin Friendly

    When used with fabric mask, filter is a more skin friendly alternate to single use masks.

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    Replacement filter more hygienic with reusable fabric masks.

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    Single Use

    Filters should be removed and disposed of after each wear. Multiple uses not advised.